Grafisk Design, Identitet,
Emballage design & illustration

Peterson of Dublin

Curates the world´s rarest smoking experiences by composing the worlds finest blends,
thus sharing the modern gentlemans pursuit for the worls rarest experiences.

The quest for the world’s rarest experiences is the gentleman’s pursuit of enrichment, enlightenment, and cultivation while honoring heritage and tradition.

The graphic illustrations wrapped across the green irish landscape has an unique story to them. The note paper is from the traditional irish song “Rocky road to dublin” with the Dubliners. The handwritten paper is the recipe for a traditional irish pot stew and the map of Ireland has the town Gallway marked, where a famous irish oister festival is taking place every year. Together all the elements in the Keyvisual are the extract of the moodboard and strategy and it visualizes the core storytelling of this brand. The keyvisual has to be scalable for many different formats, therefor all elements had to be made as individual layers. 

Moodboard & Keyvisual for Peterson of Dublin (Scandinavian Tobacco Company)
Made as part of IdnaGroup 2019

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