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Fælledparkens Naturvenner 

Logo & identitet

Fælledparkens Naturvenner er en non-profit organisation, der arbejder for at få mere natur til Københavnerne.

Identity Design 2022 /


Illustrations for affirmations


Illustrations - affirmations
Quotes by Gabrielle bernstein

Illustrations 2023 / All rights reserved @ Line Arlander

Scalepoint Technologies

Kravlenisser og illustrationer til juleeventyr for Scalepoint Technologies.
Illustrations 2022 /


Brand design - Dietary supplements

Redesign af Biosyms serie af kosttilskud til hele familien.
Biosym has a broad range of high quality dietary supplements, produced with a passion for natural ingredients and genuine desire to improve public health. The new design had to ensure easy navigation and a storng stand out in the shelfes.  
Packaging Design / Agency : IDna Group 

Arla Riberhus

Brand identity and packaging design for the wellknown danish cheese brand Riberhus

Logo, emballage design og implementering til hele Riberhus ost familien

The Arla brand "Riberhus" has existed as a brand since 1973 and have a heritage back from Ribe, a small danish city. The strong and historical craftmanship-DNA had to be even more clear to ensure the positioning of the brand in the future.
At the same time, consumers needed to be able to find their favorite variant easier, as color coding in almost all products looked too similar an inconsistent.

Both the Riberhus logo and the illustration of the "cheesemaker" has been re-worked, with respect for the heritage and recognition of the brand. The illustration of the "cheesemaker" was moved to a more dominant position in top of the label in direct connection with the Riberhus logo, and the shape of the label.

As the portfolio of products are very broad in both formats and materials, it was needed to develop a system to hold everything from corerange products to smaller subrange products - B2B products and special editions, to make sure they had a strong and consistent look to allover.

Packaging design / Agency : IDnaGroup
Photo: Lars Ranek

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